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Unidos por Yuiza Mask
Unidos por Yuiza Mask
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Two layered mask with double filter for extra protection.

Yuiza Avilés is fighting a hard battle against cancer. She is a young mother of 12 year old Valeria, a great friend, professional, and human being. She overcame the disease several years ago. However, this time the cancer has returned -and now more aggressive.

She deserves the chance to fight for her life and to be able to see her daughter grow up. With your purchase, you'll be helping to fund Yuiza’s treatment.

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Amy Cabrero

Two generations ago, my family created an origami collection which I received later on as a family heirloom. Captivated by the allure of elaborated paper folds I decided to practice with some of the models. During that time, I was developing my watercolor technique, approach that began to evolve... and that’s when my obsession with origami began.