Amy Cabrero

Throughout my childhood, I got to be my grandmother’s helping hand in fun hobbies like ceramics, stained glass lamps, decoupage, sewing, sugar flowers, landscape watercolors and jewelry. After being raised in such artsy world, went ahead and got a Bachelors of Art in Communications from the University of Sacred Heart, Santurce, P.R. and developed some abilities in Illustration and Graphic Design.

When Diego was born in 2005, CakeLand Designs was created and operated for 12 years in the cake sculpting business.  In the line of work malleable sugar, figurines and structure planning are the basis of my creative output. Clean designs, simple sugar coverings, precision and understanding of anatomy and botanical structures are the elements I use to create perfect and whimsical designs. 

Two generations ago, my family created an origami collection which I received as a family heirloom. Captivated by the allure of elaborated paper folds which recalled numbers and angles, I decided to practice with some of the models. I applied combinations of toned washes to the delineations of the paper to boost perspective. During that time I was developing my watercolor technique, approach that began to evolve with color overlays, and that’s when my obsession with origami began.

Science is my main passion besides art. When studied biology in University of Sacred Hearts, botanical names got my attention and began to memorize some of them. Created a database of my favorite species that surrounded my area and Tropical Binomials was created.